The vision is to catch a ferry in Auckland and cruise through the Hauraki Gulf to the Coromandel Marine Gateway, in the heart of Coromandel. Admire the view of Auckland's skyline from the water and once you reach the peninsula, explore the area's pristine beaches, the famous Driving Creek Railway and Potteries, as well as walking and cycle tracks.

The Ferry Service direct into Coromandel from Auckland is yet to be established but once the Marine Gateway has been built it is envisaged as the following service:

1.5 hour direct Ferry service to Coromandel Town


Charter fishing and diving on the Coromandel is second to none and once the Marine Facility has been built you will be able to jump on board a vessel in our centrally located Marine Gateway right in the heart of Coromandel Town.   

Pick up a coffee and snack in town before heading out for a day’s world-class snapper fishing. Stay a night or two and explore the natural beauty the Coromandel. 

Secure all-day parking will be available on site for charter users.


  • 1.5-hour ferry ride to and from Coromandel.
  • Departure from Auckland's downtown Ferry Terminal. Arrival in Coromandel Township.